Microsite System Offline for Updates

Welcome Microsite User,

As many of you may know the current IAM Microsite system and server has run its course and will be retired and replaced over the next couple of weeks.  In order to secure the current data located on the server, we must shut it down before any data becomes lost or corrupted.

What about your Microsite?  The Communications Department is committed in maintaining a Microsite system.  The new system will bring new technology that is considered web standard and will give your site some much needed improvements.  In addition to being able to add multiple images, the new site will feature a new blog- style news section that can be viewed and interacted with ease on nearly all mobile devices.

What’s next going forward?  If your lodge owns a microsite hosted on GoIAM and you are not currently active on the system, your site will not be migrated to the new system.  If your lodge is the current owner of a microsite and is actively engaged, we will do our best to migrate your site over.  If this email bounces back to us we will consider that you are not actively engaged in your microsite and your microsite will not be migrated.  At any time, you may re-apply to activate a new microsite however any previous information you had will be lost.  You can re-apply by completing the Sign Up form.

How can I check progress on the new system?  To keep up to date with the progress of the new Microsites system or to ask questions, you can do so by adding your email in the box to the right and clicking on subscribe.

Thank you,

IAM Communications Deparment